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Wed 18th Feb 2015

Undergrowth at The Greenbank with The Mandalas and Isolde Freeth-Hale

Undergrowth presents another top night of sounds to keep you chipper as the skies brighten into Spring.



comprising Kora, Clarinet, Percussion, Guitar and finely wrought words the Mandalas promise songs of protest, praise and evolution. Join them as they climb the sublime ladder into song.



fruity loop pedal folk with a groove. I mean Beyonce would swing her hips to it if she wasn't so busy stateside.


Songs of Beards and Beers and Bears from the Undergrowth Collective



Wed 21st January 2015

Undergrowth at The Greenbank with The Magic Lantern and Strange Billy the Saint

All the way from London Town we have 


"Jeff Buckley meets Chet Baker"

The Magic Lantern aka Jamie Doe has now won airplay on BBC Radio 2,3,6 

(Bob Harris, Late Junction, Tom Robinson, Gideon Coe)

Jamie is an ex Bristol troubadour with a voice like 
melting full fat butter. The kind of hibernation
treat that's actually good for you.

Get down to The Greenbank and full fat up your veins.

with support from 


Bipolar pop / folk with moments of
bliss and chaos.

Once heard never to be forgotten.

Will has a pedigree in Bristol sound (Bronze Age Fox /
Bernadette Pike) as strange and intoxicating as his
live perfomances. You gonna love it or not love it but you're gonna love it.



Wed 17th December

Undergrowth at The Greenbank with Nine Tree Stumblers EP Launch and The Island Choir

The Ninetree Stumblers

An intriguingly different take on old-time American music is offered by Liam Kirby, Ruth Gordon and Dan Weltman (of Boxcar Aldous Huxley, Cakes & Ale, and Snails respectively), averaging 3.14 instruments per member at the last count and using them to great effect - serving up rags, waltzes and spirituals to have you stomping, weeping and repenting. The Stumblers are proud to be launching their new E.P. 'Sigogglin' on this night.

The Island Choir

Support comes from The Island Choir - led by the mercurially talented vocalist and arranger Polly Wilde, shaking down both trad and contemporary songs and encouraging her resourceful singers to give them bold new shapes and ingenious harmonies.

PLUS... new songs, strange tales and bad jokes from Undergrowth members Jethro, Andi & Dan. PLUS... it's FREE! 

Doors 8.30pm


Wednesday 12th November

Undergrowth at The Greenbank with Mima and the Fuse

This Summer the Undergrowth collective found themselves on a small island in Orkney watching the midnight sun never set, drinking very smooth Whiskey with a frighteningly talented bunch of musicians.

Even amongst this lot Mima and Tim's playing really caught our ear and we've persuaded them to come down to play Bristol for an Undergrowth night.

Crystal pure vocals and percussion made from the rib cage of a friendly skeleton. Sure to be a night to remember.

Support from their mate George Francis-rapscallion songs with a sideways lyrical freshness

and Undergrowth chum Charlie Stewart (player with Jesse and the Brackish Breeze), a naturally fluent fingerstyle guitarist of majestically understated songs.


Wed 22nd October

Undergrowth at The Greenbank with Andy Skellam Album Launch

For the fourth Undergrowth folk night at the Greenbank pub in Bristol we have the Undergrowth collective's Andy Skellam releasing his much awaited new album "Green Moat". A bewitching record of textured layers and fingerpicked rhythms it was produced by Jesse Vernon of "This is the Kit" with additional contribrutions by Jesse and Andy's pal (and previous Undergrowth performer) George Morgan.

Support to be confirmed.

Free entry!

Wed 22nd October 8.30pm


Wed 17th September

Undergrowth Folk Night at The Greenbank

With Evergreen Fish, the new band project of Dan Everett who plays with festival and BBC6 Music favourites Polly and the Billets Doux.

Think John Martyn the dreamy folk mood alchemist of the seventies and you're in the right area. Dan and his band will whisk you away to a folk ambient island you won't want to leave, where the cocktails are always topped up and the sea laps around your ankles, psychedelically controlled by guitar, percussion, electric guitar and double bass.

Plus Wild Thomas with Polly Wilde and Mini.

Polly, choir leader and musical minstrel, writes songs that are as timeless as the land and as crafted as the circles in an old oak tree. With harmonies and percussion to match Wild Thomas will make an indelible imprint on your lugholes that will have you humming all the way out of the Greenbank and down to the riverbank. 

Wed 17th September


Plus the odd tune from Jet McDonald and Andy Skellam of the Undergrowth Collective.




26th July 2014

New Andy Skellam Album "Green Moat"

Andy has completed his new album "Green Moat" and it's a disc of wonder.

Featuring collaborations with George Morgan, star of previous Undergrowth nights, and Jesse Morningstar (Morningstar / This is The Kit) , who part produced and mixed the album, "Green Moat", brings together Andy's richly crafted and lateral songwriting, with a haunting atmosphere and ambience that gets better and better with every listen.

Cover by Lyndsie Barnard illustrator and Undergrowth collaborator

Andy will be having a launch gig at the Undergrowth night at The Greenbank in October, look out for details nearer the time.


Wed 5th June 2014

New Woodlice Video and Album (on Bandcamp now)

Here's the video for "Bad Girls Busy" the first track off The Woodlice album "Certain Gifts" which you can listen to / get here The video was recorded on a budget of £4.10 (£1.00 for each shoe and 10 pence on electricity, Si the bassist wants to be clear on that) in Si's kitchen with not much time but a lot of love.


Wed 4th June 2014

Woodlice Album Launch

Great Bands. Great Night. Tasty Ale. Heres a pic of 3/4 of the Woodlice. Thanks to Sue Mara for the photo.



Wed 4th June 2014

The Woodlice (Album Launch) and Molly Samson and The Cautionary Tales

The Woodlice release their new album "Certain Gifts" upstairs at the Greenbank Pub in Easton Bristol  on Wed 4th June following the tremondously successful "Undergrowth" night in April at the Greenbank. 

The Woodlice do a great turn in cracking leftfield folk pop-as heard on BBC 6 Music.


Molly Samson and the Cautionary Tales

Molly plays dextrously fingerpicked songs of real beauty and punch with a top band to match...

Plus Jet McDonald, Andy Skellam and Dan Weltman from the Undergrowth Collective

8pm Free Entry

Below pic of Andy, Jet and Ringo at the first Greenbank Undergrowth night


Andy and Jet and Ringo at Undergrowth at The Greenbank

Wed 23rd April 8pm

George Morgan (EP launch) and Heed the Thunder

Come along to the upstairs venue at the newly reopened Greenbank pub in Easton for a night of top notch Undergrowth folk music.


George Morgan

George launches his debut EP recorded by the Undergrowth's very own Andy Skellam on his reel to reel tape machine. George's songs have a textured otherworldy quality and his voice will knock you back in your seat. 


Heed the Thunder

A four piece band from Hereford "Heed the Thunder" have a stonking rich sound that echoes the best of the English folk tradition.

Plus songs from Jet McDonald, Andy Skellam and Dan Weltman from the Undergrowth Collective



Wed 26th February 2014

Undergrowth at the Miners Arms

Undergrowth returns to upstairs at the Miners Arms, Mina Rd, St Werburghs on Wed 26th February with 

The Laurels

Gorgeous folk tunes foraged from the mouth of a sensuous lady.


Andy Skellam, channeling the spirit of John Fahey, John Martin and badgers

Jet McDonald, sexy raggle haired man with sexy raggle haired songs

Dan Weltman, fiddle playing old skool new skool folk with a Kinks twist

8pm £3.00


4th February 2014

Leonie playing at the last Undergrowth Night at the Miners Arms


3rd February 2014

Woodlice Album Coming to Completion

The new Woodlice album is coming to completion. All the mixes are done, just needs a bit of mastering and a pile of damp wood to nibble on. Jet is going on a letterpress printing workshop to handmake and print the CD sleeves and then is its good to go. Niceing it up. Lice style.


Wed 22nd January 2014 8pm

Undergrowth at the Miners Arms

Keep the Winter blues at bay with some fulsome folk upstairs at the Miners Arms (and great pints downstairs)


Leonie Evans

Multinstrumentalist with a gorgeous voice and a horde of olde time and new time songs to keep your footapping and your heart swinging. Leonie plays solo or with an ever changing scrum of scrumptious musicians.


The Ninetree Stumblers

The sound of an after hours pub hoedown with Appalachian, Roots and Folk Groove hep cat strut.


Andy Skellam, Hollowbody and Jet McDonald of Undergrowth Collective with top sets to keep you toasty

£3.00 on the door or pay what you can

8pm till close 



13th November 2013 8pm

Undergrowth at the Arts House Cafe

Undergrowth at The Arts House Cafe

Great music to warm your chilly mittens



Sideways lyrical serenades that will charm you to your bootstraps


Top pop folk to rock your woodpile


The Scots tunesmith with wry crafted ballads and kicking tunes


Surreal beguiling soundtrack to sitting on a log in mulchy woods
(now with added drums and backing harmonies-will wash your t shirts the colour of autumn fire)


Deftly phrased songs of real beauty

£3 on the door. It's a steal!


28th October 2013

New Spiderbelly (Andy Skellam) Video

Hey Undergrowth folks here's a great video of our man Andy Skellam

playing at the Gallimaufry in Bristol.

Weaving a gorgeous web of a song I think you'll agree. a reference to Jesse and the Brackish Breeze who played

a top set at the last Undergrowth night...


Wed 16th Oct 8pm

Third Undergrowth Night at the Miners Arms

For the third Undergrowth Night at The Miners Arms in St Werburghs we have:


A dreamy chanson led folk combo to warm the coldest of Winter toes


Sublime songs with a voice to match, all the way from London town

+ UNDERGROWTH COLLECTIVE with Jet McDonald, Hollowbody and Spiderbelly

All for a mere £3 on the door!


23rd August 2013

Jet McDonald album release and gigging bike tour

Jet McDonald's album "Soft Soft Soft the Sparrow Sings" is coming out as an Undergrowth release on 23rd August followed by a gigging bike tour with The Magical Bike Tour charabang of musicians, pedalling around the pubs of Shropshire.

Jet then leaves to go to The End of the Road festival 29th Aug to 1st Sept with the Bristol "Folk Tales" collective.

Then gigs at Roll for the Soul Bike Cafe in Bristol 6th Sept and Look Mum No Hands Bike Cafe in London on the 7th Sept.

You can get the album in its delicious physical form on bandcamp and digitally at Amazon and itunes.

Gideon Coe gave the single Pedal Pedal Pedal an airing on his 6 Music show a couple of weeks back.

There's a lot more info about the album at

Right off to oil those cogs....


Wed 14th Aug 8pm

Second Undergrowth Night at the Miners Arms

For the second Undergrowth night at The Miners Arms in St Werburghs we have:


the sonics of a wild and and tender relationship


Crafted songs, crystal vocals and songs about bikes 

we like songs about bikes.

+ UNDERGROWTH COLLECTIVE with Jet McDonald, Dan Weltman & Andy Skellam, combinations thereof

+ fishes + badgers

Free. Pass the hat round. Great Ale downstairs..


20th June

Monumental Meeting in Bristol

Jet, Andy and Dan meet tonight in the Leftbank in Stokes Croft to talk hard business. Or maybe just drink soft beer. Water the Undergrowth with beer and its a...bit um sticky, but full of zesty nutrients.