about undergrowth 

We're a bunch of knockabout musicians who write and record songs. What makes us different is we're probably a bit more peculiar. Undergrowth is a shady spot in the interweb where we all come together to share our ideas, put on gigs and let everyone know what we’re up to. We’re mostly based in Bristol and live under stones, wheelie bins or that old piece of wood you were going to take to the skip but never got round to moving. From hidden corners strange and wonderful things emerge, blinking into the dusk. We will be putting on some fab nights of lovely music ( check out our gigs page for forthcoming events. ) The artists will be showing off their latest releases, keeping you up to date with their latest musical news and putting together compilations for your dancing, knitting, skydiving and listening pleasure. As more musicians are added we hope the undergrowth will undergrow, the roots will tangle and the tree flourish. Here’s how the undergrowth got to know each other so far;



Dan Weltman joined Mog Fry (The Wraiths/ Ukeytronica) in 2010 to form Snails in order to “soundtrack a budget slasher involving a homicidal nun”. They released a 7inch EP through the Great Pop Supplement that Jarvis Cocker played on his Sunday Services show on BBC 6 Music. Dan plays solo as Hollowbody. Hollowbody’s release “Inside the Wolves” got top notch reviews all over the place including The Guardian. Dan sometimes plays violin with The Woodlice and whatever’s lying around with Andy Skellam.

shorley wood

Shorley Wood is Greg Ashby and all who sail with him, musically speaking.  The general idea is Greg strums and sings his songs while collaborators play along on whatever instrument and make their own mark.  Greg released a 6-song EP called 'Greg's Song' some years back and one of the songs on it - Fighting Talk - was later covered by This Is The Kit and electronica act JayetAl.

2015 has seen the release of a new 6-track EP, 'Lo-Fi / No-Fi Lullabyee,' recorded with the help of good friends Matt Douglas and JayetAl, along with all of Greg's family.


Jet McDonald is a musician and writer with big hair. He helped set up and run a night in Bristol called “Folk Tales” dedicated to folk music and storytelling in the wooden sea scout hut in Bristol Harbour. The night is still running five years later on the last wednesday of every month and tours the festivals intermittently, including the wonderful “End of the Road Festival” Jet plays solo as Jet McDonald and with The Woodlice (with Simon Van der linde and Joe Medler). The band have featured on BBC 6 Music and did a little tour around the UK with; Dan Weltman and Andy Skellam who Jet found lurking at the back door of “Folk Tales” with a bottle of beer and a chocolate biscuit.

Andy Skellam who stole Dan's electric guitar and now plays sometimes electric, sometimes acoustic. His music has been described as “fractured ice blues melting into fireside folk” and “the soundtrack to resting on a broken tree in mulchy woods”. His band is "Spiderbelly" with friends George on harmonies and Hels on violin. He has toured all over the UK and Europe, supporting bands like Gravenhurst, This is the Kit and Rachael Dadd. He is also a painter and did the artwork for the home page of this site.